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An innovative solution to engage teachers and students in the Presidential Election.

PBS LearningMedia came to d'Vinci for an innovative solution to engage teachers and students in the Presidential Election. d'Vinci developed a variety of interactive teaching and learning activities that evolved with the campaign from the primaries to the general election. These online activities educated students about the electoral process and the electoral college.

Educational activities developed by d'Vinci, included:

  • An Interactive Map that enables teachers and students to track the geographic location of the candidates, their policy positions, and the voting results in each primary election. Embedded in each state is the number of electoral votes, the date of its primary, some state history and interesting facts. Election news filtered for K-12 teachers and students is also accessible.

  • The Electoral Decoder is a sophisticated interactive learning tool that demonstrates the impact of the Electoral College. Functionality includes an introductory video about the Presidential election process, an interactive timeline for all of the 57 past Presidential elections and an interactive map that can also be viewed as a cartogram representing the electoral power of each state.

  • The Presidential Predictor is a tool inside the Electoral Decoder that enables students to select who they think would win each state and predict who would win the election. Students could also use the tool to save, print and share their prediction through social media.

Beyond design and development, d'Vinci provided educational consulting, classroom testing and ongoing content updating. Through parent company JPL, d'Vinci also provided a digital marketing and outreach campaign and ongoing analytics, reporting and insights.

d'Vinci continues to work with PBS LearningMedia to make the Interactive Map and Electoral Decoder a relevant teaching tool.

PBS LearningMedia is a free media-on-demand service from PBS that offers more than 100,000 digital resources for classroom use.

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