Unlocking Life's Code

Website Accompanies Smithsonian Exhibit and Supports Genomics Education

The National Institutes of Health (NIH), the National Human Genome Research Institute (NHGRI) and the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History chose d’Vinci to create a public-facing educational website in recognition the ten-year anniversary of the decoding of the human genome in 2013. Since that time, the Unlocking Life’s Code website has grown to feature a vast array of educational content for the public, including interactive timelines, 3-D imagery, a virtual exhibit tour, educational interactives, video content and a monthly newsletter. d’Vinci recently engaged in new UI/UX website redesign and upgrade to the Drupal 9 content management system, increasing the focus on new educational materials for K-12 students. d'Vinci launched an interactive feature page and educator lesson plans to recognize the history of Henrietta Lacks and her immortal cell line.

In collaboration with the Smithsonian and National Human Genome Research Institute, d’Vinci designed and developed a supporting educational iPad and Android tablet App. The Do-it-Yourself (DiY) app complements small traveling exhibits with three touch screen kiosk-style interactive experiences. The Genome DiY App is available for download on The Apple Store and Google Play.


  • Creativity Award
  • Horizon Interactive - 2023 - Gold - Websites, Government Agency
Screenshot of the Unlocking Life's Code project on a laptop computer
Screenshot of the Unlocking Life's Code project on a smart tablet