New Associate Orientation

Onboarding that Makes New Associates Superheroes

The AAA team is comprised of everyday superheroes that have been dedicated to helping members of their community for over 100 years. With more than 40,000 employees, and new associates joining the company remotely from all over the eastern half of the US, AAA needed a virtual onboarding solution to stay in step. At d’Vinci, we partnered with AAA to bring their company culture and mission to life in a superhero-themed eLearning series to onboard new associates. Through custom interactions and scenarios, new associates learn AAA's products, culture, ethics, and branding. We also produced live-action videos and incorporated elements of gamification to elevate the overall learning experience and help associates find their superhero identity “Welcome to the team of AAA Superheroes!”


  • Horizon Award, Gold, Training/eLearning website
Screenshot of the New Associate Orientation project on a laptop computer
Screenshot of the New Associate Orientation project on a smart tablet