APL Maritime

Client Profile

Shipping leader APL Maritime, Ltd. turned to d’Vinci for a comprehensive solution to training employees on land and sea.

Due to the challenges of reaching this geographically-dispersed workforce, APL Maritime knew it needed a partner with expertise in learning, content development and technology.

To improve safety and compliance, d’Vinci has created more than two dozen eLearning courses for APL Maritime. The courses range from simple tutorials to highly-interactive simulations. The ever-growing catalog of courses covers subjects from crew safety, to management best practices, and environmental protection and security.

We also installed our ecoLearn® Learning Management System (LMS) on board all the ships in the company’s fleet. The LMS houses training modules and tracking data for APL’s container ship crews. It enables the shipping leader to track compliance, modify course permissions, add new courses, generate reports and issue certificates. The LMS solution includes a ship-based version of ecoLearn that syncs with a land-based version via a satellite internet connection.

As part of its corporate social responsibility, APL Maritime also partners with d’Vinci to make a difference in the community by educating youth through environmental games that will help the next generation protect the sea.


Training Portal and LMS

Reaching a Workforce at Sea

APL Maritime needed a website to house their training and a learning management system (LMS) for tracking and administration. d’Vinci implemented our ecoLearn® LMS to deliver eLearning modules, track compliance, add new courses, generate reports and issue certificates.  The ship- based LMS syncs with a land-based hub via a satellite Internet connection.

Confined Space Rescue

Preventing Accidents and Ensuring Safety

APL Maritime wanted to train crewmembers how to safely help people trapped in confined spaces without risking their own lives.  After watching real-life scenarios, learners answer a series of questions to reinforce the learning. The training lets them hear from various crewmembers about their specific roles and offers ways to tailor practice drills onboard after the online learning.


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