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KPMG Globerunner Cup Team Member Posing by Top Gun Poster
August 30, 2022 | Podcast

Using Gamification to Engage and Inspire Employees

You may think of accounting and tax firms as working “by the books,” but when it comes to training, global accounting firm KPMG is leveraging innovative technology to engage and educate their global workforce. Vaughan O’Leary, Interactive Learning Apps Program Manager at KPMG, shares how his company’s Globerunner Cup is training team members and connecting associates around the world through gamification.  

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Man with glasses looking at a thumb drive held in his hand
August 22, 2022 | Thinking

Is Digital Learning the New eLearning?

This was a recent topic among our team members at d’Vinci. The result was a surprising consensus that the term “digital learning” should be used differently than the term “eLearning.”

The Difference between eLearning and Digital Learning

According to our team members, digital learning should only be used when referring to the learner’s perspective. The digital learner participates in digital learning by consuming digital content, using digital tools and engaging in digital experiences.

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Female team member working on iPad
August 12, 2022 | Resources

Navigating the Learning Ecosystem

Understanding your learning ecosystem is the first step in creating impactful and successful training programs. Your organization’s learning ecosystem is a combination of your organization, learners and need jointly guiding you to the training solution and delivery methods.

Learn more in our online guide that I presented to peers at ATD.

Navigating the Learning Ecosystem

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Person on phone and laptop for training meeting
August 4, 2022 | Podcast

L&D Leaders Discuss Training a Hybrid Workforce

The pandemic has forced training leaders to pivot and re-examine how best to educate their organizations. While there are challenges to training in a hybrid work environment, it also presents some real opportunities. We interviewed L&D leaders at the Training Industry Conference & Expo to learn how they are navigating training in today’s work environment.

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Light bulb on chalkboard
July 22, 2022 | Podcast

L&D Leaders Share Views on Today's Training Industry

While learning leaders have different training goals and educate various audiences, they share common challenges to engage learners and get results. We spoke to attendees at the Training Industry Conference & Expo (TICE) to hear about their greatest challenges and successes. 



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Hershey Iconic Brands Illustration
July 12, 2022 | Podcast

Upskilling Your Workforce to Reach Business Goals

Retaining talented team members is a critical part of any company’s long-term success. At The Hershey Company, they’re taking strategic steps and leveraging technology to skill their workforce for the future. Leanna Meiser, Director, Enterprise Learning & Organizational Change Management discusses how L&D leaders can shift their thinking from “learning” to “skilling” their workforce. 

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microphone on stand
July 7, 2022 | News

Top L&D Podcasts Worth Subscribing To

L&D professionals are turning to podcasts now more than ever to learn best practices in the training industry. But with so many from which to choose, where do you start?

In addition to d’Vinci’s award-winning podcast, Powered by Learning, we have curated a list of the leading L&D podcasts.

Take a listen and subscribe to them on your favorite podcast directory.


(listed in alphabetical order)

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Beth Buchanan
July 7, 2022 | News

Buchanan Joins d’Vinci as Senior Instructional Designer/Project Manager

Elizabeth Buchanan joins the d'Vinci team as a Senior Instructional Designer/Project Manager. She brings extensive experience in curriculum development, project management, writing, and editing. She is a specialist in all phases of curriculum design from needs analysis to implementation.

Previously, Buchanan worked as a curriculum manager and taught writing in high school and at the college level. 

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TICE logo
June 28, 2022 | Podcast

L & D Trends from TICE

At the recent Training Industry Conference & Expo in Raleigh, N.C., more than 400 learning leaders reunited for the first time since the pandemic to talk about the state of the training industry and discuss best practices for L&D in their organizations. Here are some of my quick takeaways from TICE.


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Hand touching games on computer screen
June 15, 2022 | Podcast

Integrating Gamification into the Learning Experience

Gamification can create engaging learning experiences that increase learning and retention. Intel’s Learning & Development Consultant Usha Chazhiyat shares best practices for any organization looking to integrate gamification into the learning experience. She also offers advice on how to get started and build on learning solutions that leverage technology to teach.

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