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April 2, 2021

Integrating a Specialized eLearning Course and LMS

Organizations frequently need to train and certify external target audiences in a specific subject matter area. They need to deliver a custom eLearning experience, an on-line assessment and a certificate of completion, usually for compliance purposes. In many cases, these organizations and their targeted learners do not have a common learning platform established to deliver and track eLearning.

While they don’t need an enterprise level learning management system (LMS), these organizations do need a solution that integrates their custom content with the administrative, tracking and reporting functionality of an LMS. They also need a web-based home to promote the program, capture registration and deliver the eLearning course.

A custom eLearning course and LMS can be integrated into one easy-to-use solution for both the learner and the organization. For the learner, they come to a dedicated website branded for the purpose of the training, follow a simple registration process and gain access to the course. The organization providing the training can streamline the administrative functionality without the challenges of navigating an LMS built for a large university or large enterprise.

For instance, d'Vinci developed to train and certify anyone engaged in research involving human subjects. The solution includes a comprehensive eLearning course that covers the mandatory content required by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to perform human research. To earn certification and meet NIH requirements, the learner needs to complete the course and achieve a qualified score on the assessment. If successful, the learner receives a certificate that can be shared to demonstrate compliance.

Organizations who employ researchers can setup institutional accounts to manage payments and certificates across multiple users. Since researchers and institutional administrators only use the website, LMS and course infrequently, the process and system need to be as simple and user friendly as possible.

With and similar applications, d’Vinci recommends these methods to integrate a specialized eLearning course and LMS solution.

  • Have a dedicated web address
  • Provide the purpose of the course, learning experience, timing required and other information on the website prior to registration
  • Have a cohesive brand that flows across the website, LMS and eLearning experience
  • Provide a secure, personalized certificate
  • Eliminate unnecessary administrative functionality

With creating a custom solution, we can also selectively provide additional functionality. For PHRP, this includes eCommerce, multiple languages, CME credits, audience-specific versions of the course, and specific administrator features.

As learning technologies evolve, we see more opportunities for integrating eLearning courses and LMS functionality for specialized purposes and audiences. We see organizations offering these courses be more successful with both administrators and learners when the branding, interface and functionality are customized and streamlined.

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Luke Kempski

By Luke Kempski, CEO

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