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March 25, 2021

The L&D Relevance of Certifying Medical Professionals

In this Powered by Learning podcast, Dr. Keith Mann, Vice President, Continuing Certification at The American Board of Pediatrics, shares what’s involved in certifying medical professionals and what L&D professionals can learn from it. You'll find out how providing maintenance of certification activities to pediatricians delivers meaningful and sustainable change in healthcare.


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Show Notes:

Dr. Keith Mann shares how the American Board of Pediatrics has evolved the way in which it does assessments and certifications to benefit the physician, the healthcare practice and the patient. His experiences and findings reach beyond the medical world and are relevant for any training department looking to take learning, assessment and certification to a new level. Dr. Mann shares many points including the following:

  • Integrating learning with the assessment to give greater value to the training and greater impact to the improvement in your organization.
  • Using spaced learning and micro learning to engage the learner and make the training more impactful. ABP accomplishes this with their Question of the Week training activity.
  • Seek out learners who can also help create the assessments and the activities. Tap into their expertise and help increase the credibility of the training.
  • Assessment based activities with built in learning components can improve outcomes in your organization and beyond. ABP uses research gained from assessments to address the disparity in healthcare to underserved populations.

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