Artist Aron Rook and Mural
October 27, 2021

d’Vinci and JPL Commission Harrisburg Office Mural to Support Diversity

To positively impact its team members, visitors, and the surrounding community, d’Vinci Interactive and parent company JPL commissioned a mural on its Harrisburg office building in support of diversity, equity and inclusion.

The mural spans more than 40 feet long and 25 high and showcases the power of diversity in creative work. The artwork inspires team members and enhances the outdoor eating and meeting area.

Local artist Aron Rook worked with the company design team to concept the mural. The design shows how JPL and d’Vinci create a welcoming environment of diverse voices and creativity.

“Working with the JPL and d’Vinci design team, we decided to paint rainbow-colored hands pulling the words ‘Together We Create’ to show the importance of people from all backgrounds coming together to create. This mural is a celebration of the diversity of thinking needed to create impactful work,” said Aron Rook, Harrisburg mural artist.

The idea to do the mural came from JPL and d’Vinci CEO Luke Kempski, who was moved by the positive messages he saw on murals in Harrisburg and other cities.

“Murals can be powerful public artforms. I wanted our mural to reflect the people involved in the collaborative creative work that happens in our facility and organizations,” said Kempski.

“We also wanted to promote the work of a diverse, local artist and connect our team members with the talented local artist community to inspire even more creative collaboration,” he added.

"As an Asian American artist, I appreciate this opportunity to showcase the power of diversity in creative expression,” said Rook. "I really enjoyed collaborating with the company's designers and helping them bring their vision to life,” said Rook.

JPL and d’Vinci are committed to supporting diversity, equity and inclusion across all areas of its business to foster a diverse and inclusive agency culture.

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Susan Cort

By Susan Cort, Director of Communications

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