Training the Crew at Sea
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By Luke Kempski, CEO May 22, 2019

APL Maritime operates a fleet of US flagged ocean cargo carriers that go all over the world. Each ship is operated by crew members who are essential to successfully moving massive amounts of cargo across the world’s oceans. Beyond knowing how to perform their job, each crew member needs ongoing training to ensure regulatory compliance, safety and security. An experienced mariner, Kate McKenna has taken on training and development responsibilities in her role as the company’s operations manager.

d'Vinci has worked with APL Maritime for over 5 years. During that time, we’ve created more than two dozen eLearning courses ranging from simple tutorials to highly-interactive simulations. We also installed our ecoLearn® Learning Management System (LMS) on board all the ships in the company’s fleet to house training modules and track data. You can lean more from our client profile or contact us to learn more.

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