Developing Training with Diversity and Inclusion In Mind
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By Luke Kempski, CEO October 01, 2020

Training plays an important role in supporting diversity and inclusion efforts at organizations. But, how do we authentically represent diverse audiences and create meaningful training that resonates with the target audience? In this episode of Powered by Learning, we talk with Tiffany McLean, the learning and development manager at General RV Center, who develops learning strategy for more than 1,500 employees in six states and 12 locations. Ms. McLean is also the author of the article “Developing Training with Diversity & Inclusion in Mind,” that was published in Training Industry Magazine.

Show Notes:

Tiffany McLean has a passion for infusing diversity, equity and inclusion into the training she executes at RV General. An author on the topic of keeping diversity top of mind in L&D, Tiffany shares these key points and more.

  • Learning & Development leaders influence people’s career development so you must be extra conscious about D&I to make sure all team members are included.
  • Go beyond creating a learning persona and also meet with diverse team members in different roles so you can make training relevant to everyone.
  • Get comfortable being uncomfortable and get to know people of different backgrounds so you have a broader perspective as you develop learning and development and influence peoples’ careers.

Read Tiffany McLean's article "Developing Training with Diversity and Inclusion in Mind" on

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