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September 29, 2020

d’Vinci Develops New Version of The American Democracy Game to Teach Civics to Students

d’Vinci partnered with The National Conference of State Legislatures to create a new version of The American Democracy Game to teach civics to middle school students.

d'Vinci originally developed the learning activity in Flash in 2010 and now modernized it into a fresh learning experience. The game puts students in the shoes of a lawmaker where their decisions impact game play and the outcome of each level. Students earn stars at the completion of each level based on integrity, respect, compromise, honesty, and commitment.

The three levels of the game task students with navigating legislation regarding a community dog park, mandatory after school exercise and changing the voting age.

The American Democracy Game teaches the concepts of representative democracy—that every individual has equal rights and value, for example, that compromise is necessary at times and that the minority still has rights under majority rule.

“Our goal is to upgrade the game to newer tools that would perform better in any web browser—and which would work on a tablet,” said Caroline Carlson, director of the Foundation for State Legislatures. “These improvements will give players a better experience and make the game more compatible with recent software and technological developments. “The update will also allow us to better integrate the game into the NCSL website so we can promote it to a wider group of students,” she added.

Students will find The American Democracy Game on the NCSL website.

Play The American Democracy Game

Read more in this NCSL Article, “American Democracy Game Makes Learning Civics Fun”

Susan Cort

By Susan Cort, Director of Communications

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