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November 17, 2023

Wilson Center Digital Archive Nets Two Training Industry Awards

The Wilson Center Digital Archive and d’Vinci have been honored with two industry awards in the educational websites category – a silver Davey Award and a silver W3 award.

"The Wilson Center Digital Archive is a critical resource for history educators and scholars. In 2022, d’Vinci Interactive rebuilt the website from the ground up, not only creating a fresh interface, but just as importantly rethinking the organization and functionality of the website to improve the user experience. The impact and reach of the Digital Archive is greater than it has ever been in over a decade of operation,” said Charles Kraus, Deputy Director of the Wilson Center’s History and Public Policy Program.

To ensure project success, d’Vinci implemented its UI/UX process for public-facing educational websites to research and define learner goals, ensure stakeholder feedback was captured, and guide the entire project team through a successful redesign.

d’Vinci designed and built a new Data Visualization Discovery Tool feature which allows learners to search and visually explore connections between historical events, figures, places, and topics.

d'Vinci created the new Digital Archive using Drupal 10 architecture, enabling Wilson Center staff to securely access content management features and add and edit resources to the site over time. d'Vinci’s development methodology ensured that the final website was mobile responsive and Section 508 compliant.

Supported by the History and Public Policy Program, the newly-launched Digital Archive website provides unique insights into global history, international relations, and diplomacy. Many of the documents in its collection are unavailable anywhere else, making the Digital Archive an invaluable tool for students, scholars, journalists, and policymakers.

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About the Davey Awards:

The 19th annual Davey Awards, announced by the Academy of Interactive and Visual Arts, honors work from the best boutique creative agencies, in-house brand teams, small production companies, and independent creators across Branded Content, Video, Design & Print, Advertising & Marketing, Mobile, Podcasts, Social, and Websites. Please visit daveyawards.com to learn more.

About the W3 Awards:

The w3 Awards honors creative excellence on the web ,and recognizes the people behind award-winning Websites, Online Marketing, Web Video, Mobile Sites and Apps, Social, Podcasts, and Emerging Tech. In honoring the best of the Web, the w3Awards is the first major digital competition to be accessible to the biggest agencies, the smallest firms, and everyone in between. The w3Award is sanctioned by the Academy of Interactive and Visual Arts. Learn more at w3Award.com.

Susan Cort

By Susan Cort, Director of Communications

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