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July 22, 2022

L&D Leaders Share Views on Today's Training Industry

While learning leaders have different training goals and educate various audiences, they share common challenges to engage learners and get results. We spoke to attendees at the Training Industry Conference & Expo (TICE) to hear about their greatest challenges and successes. 



Show Notes: The L&D leaders featured in this episode shared issues and solutions related to understanding the ROI of training, finding enough time for training, and aligning training with business goals. Some of their key takeaways include the following:

  • Measurement should not be an afterthought in training. Think about how you’re going to measure results as you develop a course.
  • Set expectations with leadership. If you say the training will take a week, it should take a week and you should be able to identify results. The C-Suite wants to see return on investment and you want to be able to provide that.
  • Consider creating a learning toolkit to support managers so they can help team members continue the learning after the training is over.
  • Using training tools, such as a podcast, can help break through the clutter and engage learners to get results. 

Special thanks to the following learning leaders who appeared on our podcast:

Loren Sanders, Sr. Manager Enterprise Learning and Development, CVS Health

Matthew Mortensen, Instructional Designer, First Energy

Jennifer Recla, Director of Organizational Learning and Development, Colorado Access

Sherry Connor, Digital Learning Administrator, PGT Innovations

Pamela King, CPTM, Technical Training Specialist, Broward County

Yvette Francis, Director of Learning Design, Boys and Girls Clubs of America

Michelle Thill, Manager of Training and Development, DaVita Kidney Care

Coming up: We’ll hear from TICE attendees about training in a hybrid environment on our next episode!

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