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June 22, 2020

From Instructional Design (ID) to Learning Experience Design (LXD)

As the learning industry evolves, so has the role of the instructional designer. Listen to renowned learning experience designer, author and coach Connie Malamed as she discusses the shift from Instructional Design to Learning Experience Design and the value it brings to the learner.

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Show Notes:

eLearning Coach Connie Malamed helped coin the phrase “Learning Experience Design” yet many in the industry struggle with explaining the difference between LXD and ID (Instructional Design). In this podcast, Connie makes the following statements about LXD:

  • Learning Experience Design is human-centered with the focus always on the learner.
  • Learning experience design takes all of the research, UI/UX, and all of the best things that Instructional Designers have learned over the years and creates a new mindset and new experience for learning.
  • Learning can be a true experience and not just a one-time event. Instructional Designers work to create a learning journey to get the best results for the learner.
Jenica Jones

By Jenica Jones, Senior eLearning Specialist

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