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June 8, 2020

Best Practices for Virtual Training Events

In this episode, learn from Dr. Janet Lockhart-Jones, a Leadership Strategist, Speaker, Executive Coach, and Corporate Trainer, as she shares best practices for creating successful virtual training events. Dr. Lockhart-Jones offers the dos and don’ts for hosting your next VILT session with Powered by Learning Host Susan Cort and co-host Jenny Fedullo.


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Show Notes:

Dr. Janet Lockhart-Jones is no stranger to virtual training. Now more than ever before, understanding the art and science of engaging an audience virtually is critical to successful learning. Dr. Lockhart-Jones offers the best practices to make your virtual training sessions work.

  • Skip the long group intros to get right into the training

  • Utilize break out groups, chats, polls to encourage discussion

  • Engage the learner with pre-work before the virtual session

  • Know the pros and cons of the virtual platform you use and rehearse, rehearse, rehearse

Connect with Dr. Janet Lockhart-Jones

Read her article, "From Crisis to Opportunity - Live Virtual Training is prime for Center Stage."

Jenny Fedullo

By Jenny Fedullo, Director, Learning Solutions

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