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May 5, 2023

d’Vinci Opens New Experiential Lab to Innovate Learning

Created in partnership with parent company, JPL, d’Vinci has a new experiential lab to inspire clients and team members to use experiential technologies to create more impactful learning.

The experiential lab demonstrates practical applications of Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), and Extended Reality (XR), to provide learners with a more realistic environment to learn and apply new skills. Beyond immersive virtual technologies, the experiential lab also features ways to enhance virtual and in person live learning to be more engaging and deliver better results. The lab features advanced approaches to gamification, simulation and learning in the metaverse.

“With the experiential lab, we can show how AR/VR can help learners gain hands-on experience in a low-risk virtual environment and help them understand abstract concepts. We know how to create innovative learning approaches and having a space to brainstorm and prototype with our clients and partners will lead to more opportunities to apply these approaches,” said d’Vinci President Mason Scuderi.

The Experiential Lab is now open for learning leaders and d’Vinci clients to tour and use in the company’s Harrisburg office.

Susan Cort

By Susan Cort, Director of Communications

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