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May 15, 2023

The Benefits of Predictive Learning Analytics

Most L&D professionals measure training after it’s over but what if you could predict the success of a learning program in advance? Author Ken Phillips, CEO of The Phillips Group, shares how predictive learning analytics can change the learner’s experience and the outcomes for an organization.





Ken Phillips shared many actionable items in his interview including the following:

  • Predictive learning analytics can help tell you which learners are most likely to apply what they’ve learned in a training program and which ones weren’t. It also helps predict which managers are most likely to support the training.
  • Predictive learning analytics can significantly reduce the amount of scrap training, or training that’s delivered but not applied directly back to the job. 
  • Traditional measurement and evaluation typically is backwards-looking and it is most focused on training programs. Predictive learning analytics is forward-looking and examines what’s likely to happen after the training concludes. 

Learn more about Ken Phillip's book, Evaluate Learning With Predictive Learning Analytics on

Read about Ken's talk at the #ATD23 Conference in San Diego. 

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Beth Buchanan

By Beth Buchanan, Senior Instructional Designer/Project Manager

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