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January 11, 2022

d’Vinci Earns 4A’s Workplace Enlightenment DE&I Certification with Parent Company JPL

As part of its diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives, d’Vinci team members partnered with parent company JPL to earn the 4A’s Workplace Enlightenment Certification.

The certification recognizes the companies’ DE&I action plan and participation in seven digital learning sessions related to race/ethnicity, gender, LGBTQI+A, age, faith, and disabilities.

As part of the certification process, team members completed the 4A’s Diversity Survey before and after implementing the action plan and participating in the educational sessions.

“I have worked with numerous organizations on their DE&I journey to include facilitating over fifty training sessions for the 4A’s Workplace Enlightenment Program. JPL and its sister company, d’Vinci Interactive, are leading the way with their commitment to creating a positive, inclusive, and diverse work culture. Their progress has been remarkable, and I am honored to have been part of their journey,” said Natasha Bowman, president and founder of Performance Renew and trainer for the 4A’s Workplace Enlightenment Certification Program.

“Completing the Workplace Enlightenment Certification is just one of our DE&I initiatives. Other initiatives focus on recruiting diverse team members, collaborating with diverse organizations, and celebrating diverse voices in our work,” said d’Vinci and JPL Talent Experience Manager Traci Gallagher. “While we’re proud of earning this certification, there is so much more we want to accomplish.”

To learn more about the 4A’s Workplace Enlightenment Certification, visit their website.

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Susan Cort

By Susan Cort, Director of Communications

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