Training Reduces Risk for Emergency Responders
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By Luke Kempski, CEO March 21, 2016

Video Interview with Mike Baker, VFIS, Director, Risk Control

VFIS is the largest emergency service insurance provider in North America. In this specialized market, VFIS has expertise, experience and data that helps their clients reduce risk exposure and accidents. As VFIS Director, Risk Control, Mike Baker has found that providing an extended enterprise training solution for their clients is mutually beneficial.

From the beginning, VFIS has been committed to education, training and management consulting to help the emergency service community. By providing targeted training solutions, VFIS has proven they can make a measurable difference for their clients.

It is challenging for volunteer emergency responders to find common times for education and training. In addition, volunteers may have to earn credits for ongoing continuing education. To meet their varying needs, VFIS provides a variety of training formats.

The most effective way for VFIS to establish and distribute instructor-led training solutions is through Train-the-Trainer approaches. Over the years, they have established a network of highly experienced emergency responders who are effective delivering training on-site.

VFIS has developed a good example of an extended enterprise training solution for the emergency service organizations they insure. To learn more, visit their website.

To learn more about extended enterprise training, check out our video blog with John Leh.

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