Training that Influences a Global Network
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By Luke Kempski, CEO November 30, 2016

Lisa Ploeg, Senior International Learning and Development Specialist, Mary Kay

Based near Dallas, Texas, Mary Kay manufactures and sells hundreds of cosmetic and personal care products through 3.5 million Independent Beauty Consultants located in more than 35 countries. Supporting the millions of consultants are more than 5,000 corporate employees located in offices around the world. As a learning and development specialist, Lisa Ploeg provides training for the employees ensuring that Mary Kay values and practices are present throughout the network.

By following a standard coaching model, Mary Kay can ensure consistency through its vast organization. Teaching this coaching model and adapting it for different cultures is one of Lisa’s most important projects.

When the corporate employees learn and follow the coaching model, they integrate it into the independent consultant hierarchy and network. This can positively influence the performance in every role while increasing sales and success.

With the global scope of her position, Lisa also teaches cross-cultural competencies. Respect for cross-cultural differences is critical in a business that is so dependent on interpersonal relationships,

Coaching and cross-cultural competencies are essential to the success of the global Mary Kay network of employees and independent beauty consultants. By implementing comprehensive, worldwide training programs, Lisa Ploeg influences the lives and financial success of millions of women throughout Mary Kay.

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