Talent Development & Diversity are Priceless at MasterCard
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By Luke Kempski, CEO October 07, 2015

Video interview with MasterCard’s Senior Director, Global Talent Development & Organizational Effectiveness, Shantelle Williams

Everyone knows MasterCard as a leading credit and debit card brand, but today the company is a leading technology company enabling commerce all over the globe.

MasterCard has created a culture of diversity and inclusion that drives innovation all over the world.

Shantelle Williams helps MasterCard perpetuate its culture by implementing training and talent development programs that bring to life what it means to be part of a diverse and inclusive global technology company. This is especially important when onboarding a company that MasterCard has acquired.

To help make acquisitions successful, Shantelle seeks to efficiently bring together technologies, people and cultures.

In providing a curriculum to employees of a newly acquired company, Shantelle considers a variety of factors. She avoids a one-size-fits-all approach and seeks to customize the offering in both content and delivery modality.

In order to extend highly experiential training across the organization, MasterCard is developing a technology based approach for their “Dare to Change” learning program. In partnership with Inifity, this powerful online course will combine video from leading experts, custom scenarios and social collaboration in CorpU’s virtual training platform.

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