Increasing Diversity with Equitable Training
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By Luke Kempski, CEO August 23, 2016

Melissa Walker, M.Ed, Assistant Director, Educational Equity, Penn State University

Research shows that training investments are much greater at the executive levels of an organization. According to Melissa Walker’s research, this imbalanced distribution of training resources can perpetuate a lack of diversity at higher levels of the organization. She believes that by taking a more equitable approach to training, organizations will be stronger and more diverse.

Organizations increasingly value diversity because they see results in terms of creativity and innovation in today’s global marketplace. Through more equitable training investments, organizations can tap into and promote the more diverse workforce at the lower levels of the corporate hierarchy. Melissa explains.

The competition for talent continues to increase. Melissa sees organizations that invest in more equitable training and career development having stronger internal candidate pools for open positions. These candidates have valuable institutional knowledge and are better prepared to quickly fill an open position.

In addition to her academic studies and work at Penn State University, Melissa Walker’s perspective on equitable training has grown from her experience delivering training to all levels of employees. You can learn more from her recent article – Diversity and Engagement through Equitable Training.

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