Developing Mutually Beneficial Learning Relationships
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By Luke Kempski, CEO June 04, 2021

By building learning relationships and alliances, IBM has increased its impact on its partners and customers. In this Powered by Learning podcast episode, Sonia Malik, the Learning Alliances Manager and Strategist at IBM, explains how learning relationships can benefit the company and a targeted learner community.

Show Notes:

IBM Learning Alliances Manager and Strategist Sonia Malik talks about the value of learning relationships and how they can help an organization reach learners and achieve its business goals. Some of her key takeaways include these points:

  • IBM is able to reach over two million learners by building alliances and partnerships.
  • The company incentivizes learners by providing opportunities to earn badges or micro credentials.
  • IBM has pivoted to respond to the changing needs of learners as a result of the pandemic, remote working, and shifting demands in the workforce.
  • IBM supports micro-learning because short bursts of learning help people learn better. Educators should look at the learning journey versus one-time learning to have greater impact.

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