Delivering Training Across the Customer Life Cycle
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By Luke Kempski, CEO April 21, 2021

Customer education is increasingly important in the sales value chain and customer experience. In this podcast, Daniel Quick, VP of Learning Strategies at Thought Industries, discusses how educating customers can provide your organization with a competitive advantage. Thought Industries is the world’s leading B2B customer education and extended enterprise platform vendor.

Show notes:

The connection between the customer and training is impacting sales and shaping how companies do business. Thought Industries VP of Learning Strategies Daniel Quick provides insight on the evolution of customer training and how it is being used to engage prospective and existing customers.

  • Customer training is being driven by a subscription economy from SaaS (Software as a Service) to XaaS (Everything as a Service). Because of this, the value of learning is even more important.
  • Educate your customers before they are customers. Consumers are attracted to brands that provide solid customer education and, in many cases, that helps drive sales. Good customer education can be a company’s differentiator.
  • Because of the increased need for customer training experts, learning professionals have many more career opportunities.
  • Customer education offerings create synergy between marketing and training professionals. Integrating marketing and training builds more enduring customer relationships.

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