2016 Training Trends: Connecting Learning and Development to Business Strategy
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By Luke Kempski, CEO November 30, 2015

Throughout 2015, I’ve had the privilege to interview some impressive learning and development leaders from a variety of industries for our learning solutions video blog. In each case, these leaders have aligned their efforts with the business strategies of their organizations. Ultimately, the goal of this alignment is to make learning and development a competitive advantage for their company.

Using the words of L&D leaders, this video demonstrates how learning and development impacts business strategy in leading organizations.

Special thanks to the learning leaders who shared their valuable insights:

Leanna Meiser, The Hershey Company

Meg Petersen, IBM

Sherry Hancock, Sheetz

Deidre Williams, Aflac

Janet Lockhart-Jones, Pitney Bowes

Lynn Wonsick, Select Medical Corporation

This is the first of three compilation video blogs featuring the insights of leading training leaders. The others will be posted throughout the month.

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