d'Vinci Wins Multiple Contracts to Develop eLearning for the National Park Service

Learning solutions and interactive development company d’Vinci Interactive announced today new agreements with the National Park Service (NPS) to develop eLearning courses for their geographically-dispersed employees. The contracts include courses on Web Content Management, Business Principles and Practices, and Human Resources Basics.

“We’re excited to design and develop interactive learning experiences for NPS employees,” said d’Vinci COO Mason Scuderi. “It adds a new dimension to the interactive educational activities we’ve traditionally developed for the NPS.”

By employing eLearning to train its employees, the NPS will reduce time spent in classroom training and eliminate travel costs. Work has already begun under the three contracts and will be completed in 2014. d’Vinci instructional designers will work closely with NPS subject matter experts to define the learning objectives and structure the content and activities.

d’Vinci will employ creative ways to engage the learners in the various subjects while keeping the course accessible for learners with disabilities and meeting related 508 compliance standards. d’Vinci’s action-focused approach to instructional design will enable users to apply what they’re learning through interactive exercises and scenarios as they progress through the modules. Each course will also include a scored assessment and be tracked in the NPS learning management system.

These GSA (General Services Administration) contracts with the National Parks Service will contribute to d’Vinci’s continued growth in designing and developing eLearning solutions that reduce training costs for government agencies.

d’Vinci has also partnered with the NPS to develop engaging eLearning for students with WebRangers, an award-winning online learning portal and activity hub.