d'Vinci Helps Pediatricians Earn Certification Credits with Question of the Week Application

Physicians certified by the American Board of Pediatrics (ABP) now have a dynamic training and accreditation application with Question of the Week, developed by d’Vinci Interactive.

Applying its experience developing certification activities and tracking applications for medical accreditation boards, d’Vinci worked closely with the ABP to create an application for the ongoing activity that integrates with ABP’s existing certification activities.

Each week, physicians may participate in the Question of the Week - written by ABP physician volunteers - and receive Maintenance of Certification (MOC) credit for correct answers. The self-assessment activity is designed to help physicians evaluate their knowledge on a variety of topics. Doctors review a case study, journal abstract and additional commentary before answering multiple choice questions. The case study sets the stage for physicians by providing a realistic patient issue. The abstract outlines the concepts and breakthroughs in recent medical journals and publications. The commentary provides additional background information to help the physician with the question and later with real world situations.

There are 50 questions per year, with two weeks off for year-end holidays. In total, physicians may earn up to 20 Part 2 MOC points for certification in this specialty. Question of the Week is not a timed assessment, so physicians may take as long as they need to answer. Users can stop and start at any point and return to the activity at a later time.

Users may also participate in a community forum to share knowledge and discuss ideas with other physicians. Questions remain in the database for three years, so physicians may reference them after completing the answer.

Question of the Week is a form of Subscription Learning, where registered users participate in small nuggets of training over a period of time versus participating in a single, lengthier activity. In use since late 2013, the American Board of Pediatrics has registered more than 6,000 physicians in the program.