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Engaging, accessible and award-winning educational activities for students.

National Geographic Education partnered with d’Vinci to design and develop engaging online activities and games to inspire students to pursue engineering careers. d’Vinci collaborated with experts from National Geographic, program sponsors and others to develop ideas, create characters, prototype concepts, and program the award-winning educational activities. All of the games are web-based and compatible across leading browsers and tablets.

For grades 4-6, we designed Ovie’s Engineering Challenge. In this interactive learning experience, students apply physics and math principles to solve engineering challenges.

For grades 3-10, we developed a series of learning activities and games for National Geographic’s Engineers in the Classroom initiative. The series put students in roles and simulated environments including:

  • Challenge: Robots! – Students manipulate variables and solve challenges in “RoboWorks,” a simulated robot factory.

  • Challenge: Asteroids – Students direct simulated space missions and learn the differences between asteroids, comets, and meteoroids and some of the tools used by aerospace engineers to study objects in space.

  • Challenge: Extreme Weather – Students lead a crucial future mission on a hypothetical space probe. They are tasked with building the probe with the right materials to withstand the extreme weather on all of the planets in the solar system.

Beyond design and development, d’Vinci provides National Geographic with technical guidance, educational consulting and classroom research and testing.


Engineers in the Classroom Series

Students Use Engineering Concepts to Solve Real World Challenges

National Geographic wanted online activities to inspire students to pursue careers in engineering. We developed a series of learning challenges featuring a simulated robot factory, space missions and a hypothetical space probe. Inside the scenarios, the students perform tasks and play games while applying engineering concepts to robotics, space exploration and weather prediction.

Journey to Freedom

Teaching History with Interactive Choices

In this “choose-your-own-adventure” learning experience, middle school students are immersed in the action of young slaves as they try to escape from a southern plantation and head north toward freedom using the Underground Railroad. In their simulated journey to freedom, students make decisions that impact their journey and learn what life was life for slaves and how abolitionists helped them. Teachers guide students to the online experience independently or they can integrate it into a classroom lesson using the study guide.

Ovie's Engineering Challenge

Students Solve Challenges to Help Explorers

National Geographic wanted online activities to inspire students to learn engineering principles. We designed a character named Ovie and created interactive scenarios where students apply physics and math principles to solve engineering challenges.


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