Video & Animation

Videos and animations are incredibly versatile training and education tools. They can stand alone to provide on-demand performance support or they can elevate a larger training curriculum. We'll work with you to create a strategic video that integrates with the overall learning experience. Our team of learning strategists, instructional designers, and creative content designers joins forces with our talented full-service video production team to create smart videos with professional quality.

  • Product Demonstrations
  • Virtual Environments
  • In-Person Interviews
  • Performance Scenarios
  • Animation

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Boost Training & Education With Video

We are experts in delivering powerful learning experiences that resonate with your audience. Let us guide you in creating videos and animations with purpose.

Grab Attention

Dispel misconceptions, share peer testimonials, or use humor to intrigue your audience and explain why the topic is important.

Increase Awareness

Market your new training program or performance support tool with a teaser video that excites your audience to learn more.

Tell a Story

Whether you're showcasing a real story or a fictional tale, captivate your audience with a video that evokes emotion and delivers an impactful message.

Demonstrate Best Practices

Change behavior by modeling tactics for handling specific scenarios, and allow your learners to see how different actions and responses affect outcomes.

Simplify the Complex

Break down a complex task or process with strong visual communication to help your audience learn with confidence.

Build Credibility

Collaborate with organizational leaders and subject matter experts to create interview segments that present their perspectives and experiences.

Challenge the Learner

Leverage strategic scenarios that reinforce content, challenge learners to self-assess, and prompt group discussions.

Support Technical Applications

Address FAQs and support calls with quick how-to videos that help users navigate the application and complete specific tasks.

Producing Impactful Videos Under One Roof

Our parent company, JPL, has over 30 years of experience reaching audiences through high-powered video. We combine our expertise in K-12 and adult learning with their award-winning media production team to create videos that inform and inspire.

Based in the same location as our Harrisburg office, JPL's studio is equipped with:

  • Two soundstages
  • Green screen & motion tracking
  • Six edit suites
  • Two audio production studios
  • Four motion graphics suites

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