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April 27, 2020

Using Video to Engage and Educate Learners

We live in a video-driven culture. For example, today I woke up and opened the news app on my smartphone and watched several short video segments to catch me up on today’s current events. Then, after breakfast, I looked up a YouTube tutorial on how to fix my broken sink. When I finished, my daughter showed me her new smokey-eye from the make-up tutorial she watched from her favorite blogger. And later, we both relaxed by watching a new docuseries on Netflix. Every piece of content I consumed today contained a video element.

When we look at the modern landscape of learning, video plays an important role. Our learning audiences are more attuned to viewing video and – more importantly – remembering the things they see in video format. At d’Vinci, we leverage this insight to elevate the learning experiences we create by using video and animation. Whether we are guiding users through a step-by-step process, demonstrating best practices with performance scenarios, or simply marketing a new course with a teaser video, we recognize the impact video can make on your learners.

Video can be more than just informative and instructional; it can evoke emotion. It can be a medium that we use to tell a first-hand account of a difficult situation. It can be words of wisdom from a veteran professional in your industry. It can be a testimonial from a peer that highlights a success story. Ultimately, video – if used strategically – can be used to connect learners to content, keep their attention, and create a deeper level of engagement throughout the learning experience.

Learn more about how d'Vinci uses video and animation in learning.

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Jenny Kerwin

By Jenny Kerwin, Learning and Technology Strategist

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