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August 12, 2021

Streamlining Insurance Claims with Innovative Training

At The Cincinnati Insurance Company, they're taking training to a new level by using just-in-time learning, Augmented Reality (AR), and Virtual Reality (VR) to help team members be more confident on the job and more efficient in their work. In this Powered by Learning podcast episode, Tricia Inderhees, Learning and Development Consultant Manager of Cincinnati Insurance shares the best way to create innovative learning programs that get results.


Show Notes:

Tricia Inderhees of Cincinnati Insurance offers great advice for organizations looking to improve learning and development through innovative training. Her key points include the following:

  • Before picking a learning modality, look at your audience, the subject, and content to determine if instructor-led, online learning, or a blend is the best approach.

  • Virtual reality can provide learning experiences in simulated environments that help team members learn in a safe environment and do their jobs better.

  • Virtual reality is a supplement to other forms of training and not a replacement for in person training.

  • Don't be afraid of VR and AR. Start doing your research to find the best way to pilot it in your organization.

Powered by Learning received the Award of Distinction from the 2021 Communicator Awards and is named to the Top 40 L&D Podcast list with Feedspot.

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