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November 30, 2021

Say I Do to the Art of Learning

Learning leaders are often focused on content in training solutions but sometimes do not put the same emphasis on how the course is designed. In this episode of Powered by Learning, I talk with d'Vinci Visual Design Director Melissa Wimbish to explain how to marry art and science to create impactful learning experiences.



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Show Notes:

  • In order to motivate a learner, you have to get their attention. Grab their attention, and keep their attention. One way we do that is through visual design. 
  • The first step is often to brainstorm about the learning solutions project. When you're brainstorming, the idea should be generated freely by all individuals within the group. Keep in mind that every idea matters.
  • Use a learning solutions creative brief to align on the project’s goals before discussing your design. The information captured in the brief will guide design principles at the same time that you create the learning content. 
  • Typography and color are really a key step when you're establishing that visual hierarchy of content. They're used to complement the brand. They're extremely important for not only word emphasis but also visual design direction for the user.
  • Integrating impactful design doesn’t have to break the budget. Depending on your learners and the objectives of your course, you can scale design to meet their needs and stay on budget. 

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Jenny Fedullo

By Jenny Fedullo, Director, Learning Solutions

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