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September 7, 2023

Sandy Hook Promise Say Something Earns Creative Child Media of the Year Award

Creative Child Magazine has named Sandy Hook Promise’s Say Something – Elementary Animated Series a 2023 Media of the Year Award in the Early Educational Interactive Media category. 

The interactive online learning program created by Sandy Hook Promise and d’Vinci provides students with an immersive educational experience that teaches K-5 students how to keep themselves and others safe at school. 

Creative Child Magazine 2023 Media of the Year Award logoThe blended learning program encourages students to be Upstanders and confide in a Trusted Adult when they recognize warning signs. The educational tool includes four animated videos, a slide show, and interactive Storyline modules that incorporate with Sandy Hook Promise’s LMS.

The Say Something Elementary Animated Series also provides an educator's guide with best practices for implementing and facilitating the lesson in the classroom. Twelve distinct lesson plans, together with handouts and word cards, are included in the guide.

Learn more about the project.

Read more about the award and view comments from judges.


About Creative Child Magazine:
The Creative Child Magazine’s Awards Program honors only one product per category for outstanding performance as product of the year. Remaining finalists receive a prestigious Preferred Choice award and other non-finalists may receive The Seal of Excellence award to recognize products that still exceeded expectations. All products are submitted and reviewed by mothers, educators, as well as early childhood professionals. Each year, over one-hundred guest reviewers rotate between stations at a two-day event to review multiple product categories. Upon completion, guest reviewers write comments on each product and score a value based upon the criteria of each category. Final scores are tabulated by The Creative Child Magazine to honor the most prestigious products for product of the year for each category. 

About Sandy Hook Promise:
Sandy Hook Promise is a nonprofit organization that offers lifesaving programs in which empowers students to know the signs, speak to trusted adults, and educate young students on how to take meaningful action in schools, homes, and communities to prevent gun violence and stop the tragic loss of life. With honoring the victims of gun violence, Sandy Hook Promise teaches youths the value of love, empathy, protection, and trust to ensure a safe environment and a better tomorrow.

Susan Cort

By Susan Cort, Director of Communications

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