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January 25, 2024

Is it Time to Select a Training Partner?

Find out in 2 minutes!

As the leader of your organization’s learning function, you’re responsible for ensuring your training is applicable, timely, valuable and engaging. 

Each day presents a new challenge—whether it’s a directive to cut training costs, expand curriculum, reduce development time or improve engagement. You need to determine if outsourcing should be part of your training strategy.

This interactive quiz will help you evaluate if partnering with a training vendor will help you achieve the best results.

Think of a specific training initiative you’ve recently been tasked with as you answer these 10 questions. 

Business goals, timeliness, cost, resources, skills, innovation and tools are all factors in determining whether you should make outsourced training part of your business strategy. Ask yourself: Am I willing to pay someone in-house to create something he/she may not be qualified to do, knowing that the result may not meet the business objective?  Am I willing to take that risk? If the answer is no, then you could definitely benefit from establishing a training partnership in the near future.  Before you begin your search, do some planning. Know your goals and what exactly you want to achieve with this partnership. That will help you align with the right partner and ensure success. 

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Jenny Fedullo

By Jenny Fedullo, Director, Learning Experience

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