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September 17, 2016

ecoLearn LMS Implemented by d'Vinci Clients

d’Vinci Interactive recently implemented our ecoLearn® learning management system (LMS) for Mount St. Mary’s Seminary and APL Maritime. d’Vinci technology consultants worked closely with both clients to customize the LMS to meet the organizations’ specific goals while also setting it up to grow and expand as needs change.

APL Maritime operates a fleet of U.S.-flagged ocean cargo carriers that go all over the world. Each ship is operated by crew members who need ongoing training to ensure regulatory compliance, safety and security. In order to track training that occurs when the cargo carrier is at sea, d’Vinci implemented the ecoLearn LMS on each ship with the ability to sync with the primary cloud-based LMS when the ship is docked. This solution enables efficient distribution of eLearning courses that can be completed by the crew while at sea and recorded in the LMS.

For Mount St. Mary’s Seminary, d’Vinci developed a comprehensive eLearning solution to educate Catholic seminarians about the administrative responsibilities needed to effectively lead a parish. The solution includes multiple eLearning courses, reflective exercises and online assessments delivered to seminarians using the ecoLearn LMS. Seminarians can take the online courses and assessments and receive a certificate for completion. The courses were developed by d’Vinci and JPL in HTML5 to be compatible with mobile devices including iPads and other tablets.

With the ecoLearn® LMS, Mount St. Mary’s administrators can gather data on the seminarians using the courses both at Mount St. Mary’s and externally. Additionally, they can evaluate assessment scores, review survey feedback, add new courses, generate reports, and issue certificates.

In addition to collaborating on the ecoLearn® LMS, JPL and d’Vinci have developed an ecoLearn® content development framework. This framework is used by developers at both companies to create, publish and integrate learning content across devices using web-based technologies. The framework provides core functionality and base content templates that are SCORM conformant and xAPI capable. Learning experiences created with the ecoLearn framework integrate with the ecoLearn® LMS as well as other commercial LMSs.

Mason Scuderi

By Mason Scuderi, President

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