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August 21, 2023

d’Vinci’s Use of Generative AI Tools: Our Company Point-of-View

d’Vinci takes pride in embracing new technology and being an innovative learning company. With the rapid growth of generative AI technology, we seek to harness the value for our clients and our company in a responsible and ethical way. As we do this, we believe it is essential to express our Company Point-of-View (POV) so that we can set expectations with our team members and our clients.

Overall, d’Vinci believes AI technology can help our team of professionals personalize learning experiences, automate repetitive tasks and boost creativity and innovation with the purpose of driving better results for our clients and ourselves. We seek to use AI to scale the impact of our talent while providing advanced career opportunities for our people.

We recognize that AI technology is rapidly developing, and we will frequently review this POV and publish updates as needed.

d’Vinci’s Use of Generative AI Tools 

  • We will not submit client confidential or client identifiable information into generative AI technology unless authorized by the client.
  • We will always comply with client agreements, policies, and directives in using AI technology.
  • We will always be transparent and disclose our use of AI technology to our clients and partners as it relates to the work, we are performing for them. 
  • We will use AI technology for research and to help with concepting and communicating ideas to client stakeholders.
  • Our team members will always review, modify, and edit any text or images generated by AI before we include them in a work product that is published or delivered to a client for review or approval. 
  • With client approval and an understanding of copyright ownership implications, we can use AI generated content that is not substantially modified or edited by our team.
  • We will always take the time to review AI generated content in our work to ensure the content is factually accurate and aligns with the learner's needs and preferences, desired learning outcomes, and brand standards. 
  • When using AI, we deliberately look for and correct any representation, bias or discrimination issues that may be embedded in what has been generated.
  • When providing access to AI technology through the products we build, we will only use reputable systems and provide the ability for a person to review the AI generated content and enable and disable the AI technology.
  • To the best of our ability, we will ensure that our use of AI technology is aligned with legal requirements, including intellectual property rights, privacy, and data protection laws.  
  • We will provide ongoing education and training for our employees on the responsible use of AI technology, including this POV and other internal policies and industry ethical standards.
  • We will continuously monitor the use of AI technology and evaluate its impact on our work and the industry. We will adapt our policies and practices as needed to ensure that our use of AI is ethical, transparent, and aligned with d’Vinci values.
  • With human oversight, we will use a robust validation and quality assurance process to ensure any generated content meets quality standards. 

As a leading custom learning solutions company, d'Vinci understands the power of leveraging cutting-edge technologies to create effective learning experiences. We are committed to respecting this power by responsibly and ethically using AI technology as we help our clients achieve results.

Mason Scuderi

By Mason Scuderi, President

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