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April 14, 2021

d'Vinci’s ecoLearn® LMS Implemented to Counter Drug Traffic

In order to provide education and training to fight domestic and transnational drug trafficking organizations, d’Vinci implemented its ecoLearn® LMS framework for the Northeast Counterdrug Training Center (NCTC) and the Pennsylvania Counterdrug Joint Task Force (PA-CJTF).

Through the LMS, the NCTC delivers free web-based and instructor-led training to law enforcement agencies, military and community-based organizations throughout the United States. The training provided through various courses achieve the NCTC’s mission to reduce the availability of illicit drugs, improve public safety, and diminish drug use. Using the ecoLearn® LMS, NCTC team members manage training facilitation and support requests, deliver, track, and certify instructor-led and online courses, and analyze valuable training feedback and data relevant to drug abuse prevention.

d’Vinci developed the newest online course offered by NCTC, The Opioid Awareness Seminar. It focuses on national, statewide, and local trends relating to heroin, prescription opioids, and other opioid compounds. Designed to reach not only law enforcement, but also educators, counselors, school staff, healthcare professionals, and members of community-based organizations, the training takes a close look at the history of opioids, the science of pain, and examples of opioid use and addition. The training provides insights into overdose awareness, recognizing a potential addiction, and community prevention/treatment programs – allowing learners to search for information about these topics in their location. This course is available to anyone by registering for an account at

“This new training capability has already vastly enhanced NCTC’s ability to provide information and reduce stigma associated with the opioid epidemic,” said NCTC Executive Officer Katerina Szabo.

The Opioid Awareness Seminar is a recipient of the 2021 Gold Hermes Creative Award for Web Based Training.

The course is free and available to the public on the NCTC website.

d’Vinci has also implemented the ecoLearn® LMS for the Pennsylvania Chiefs of Police Association, APL Maritime, Family Design Resources and dozens of other clients.

Susan Cort

By Susan Cort, Director of Communications

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