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September 29, 2021

Driving Retail Performance with Training

In order to help customers make good buying decisions, Best Buy Canada advisers need to be well trained on the products that they sell. In this Powered by Learning episode, Marjorie Van Roon, Senior Manager, Learning and Development at Best Buy Canada, talks to us about how the right training can drive retail performance.


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Show Notes:

  • Well trained people are at the heart of what makes a great shopping experience at Best Buy Canada. Marjorie Van Roon offers key takeaways including these points:

  • Best Buy Canada trains its advisers using customer personas so that they can assist buyers, no matter what their level of technical expertise and regardless of where they are in the buying journey.

  • In addition to company training, advisors receive training directly from the product vendors which increases their expertise and creates a sense of pride among team members.

  • Employees are motivated to complete a certification journey each year and are incentivized to take additional training to compete for prizes.

  • Best Buy Canada measure training impact with the Net Promoter Score and through customer feedback.

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