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May 14, 2021

Designing Learning for Maximum Results

At global entertainment company Discovery, innovative visual design is paramount to successfully training the advertising sales team. Michael Friis-Jensen, Manager, Digital Training Manager at Discovery shares Discovery's best practices for visual design and how to apply the principles to ensure quality and effectiveness in training. Listen to my conversation with Michael to learn more.


Show Notes:

In this interview, Michael Friis-Jensen discusses the different approaches to visual design and how it helps Discovery both engage young learners and help its salesforce. Key points include:

  • Be sure to use gamification in training but keep it simple. Don't waste time on games that need a lot of explanation because it takes away from the learning.

  • Remember the three second rule. If learners can't absorb the text and visuals on your screen in three seconds, there's probably too much information!

  • Make sure all stock images are realistic and that images represent diverse audiences.

  • When you use icons, make sure learners don't have to work too hard to figure out what they mean.

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