Uniting Marketing and Training for a New Product Launch
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By Jenny Fedullo, Director, Learning Solutions September 21, 2020

Launching a new product requires collaboration, strategy and cooperation from team members across an organization. In this episode of Powered by Learning, Learning Solutions Director Jenny Fedullo and Host Susan Cort talk to Judi Bader of Inspire Brands, to learn how training is at the center of any successful product launch.

Show Notes: Senior Director of Learning & Ops Experience at Inspire Brands Judi Bader leads the training that launches new products at Arby’s and other restaurant brands every couple of weeks. The rapid-pace product rollout schedules require discipline, strategy and collaboration to have everything in line before the new product hits the street. Judi shares these and other insights in her interview.

  • It’s critical that marketing shares the vision with training for the new product launch and that there is trust between the two groups.

  • Develop and commit to your product launch timeline to set the right expectations for all departments involved in the launch and for the learner who needs to communicate about the new product to the customers.

  • Build in time for making changes in the launch schedule in case something changes with the product along the way. Being able to adapt quickly is key to keeping to your launch timeline.

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