d'Vinci Interactive Receives Award for Center on Congress Educational Programs

d’Vinci Interactive received two Horizon Interactive Awards for developing engaging learning activities for students on civics and government for the Center on Congress at Indiana University.

The Congressional Moments iPad app won a gold award in the Mobile Apps Education category and the Teaching with Primary Resources website captured a silver award in the Training/e-Learning Websites category.

The Congressional Moments iPad app explores key legislation that still impacts our lives today, including child labor, civil rights, the SEC, the National Park Service, the Marshall Plan and women's suffrage. An interactive quiz helps students learn about the difference between primary and secondary sources. The Congressional Moments app uses an array of photographs and other primary source images from the Library of Congress’s vast digital collection to show that our lives are profoundly shaped by the actions of the national legislature. The app helps students to look at information with a critical eye and be aware that even primary sources are not always completely accurate and trustworthy.

The Center’s Teaching with Primary Sources (TPS) program helps students learn about Congress, representative democracy and citizen participation. Using Primary Source materials from the Library of Congress, the TPS website offers interactive learning activities that teach about important and challenging moments in Congressional history. In learning about congress and past events in history students can come to a deeper understanding of the institution and the challenges it faces. The site is an attractive learning tool for educators and students because no registration is required for any of the more than two dozen free learning activities. The site links to the Congressional Moments iPad app and the Civic Quotes iPad app, which captured a bronze Horizon Interactive Award in 2013.

d’Vinci partnered with former Congressman Lee Hamilton and the Center on Congress to develop student activities and tablet-accessible media which collectively form a “digital classroom” where teachers assign work and grade students through an online management system.

“We’re pleased to be ranked among the ‘best of the best’ in interactive media,” said Center on Congress Director Lee Hamilton. “It’s vital for the future of American democracy that civics, government and history be taught in a creative and compelling manner.”

d’Vinci Interactive recently launched six new programs on the Teaching with Primary Resources website and will continue to leverage the latest trends in educational technology to create more content for this digital classroom.

The Horizon Interactive Awards has been recognizing excellence in interactive media production worldwide since 2001.