d'Vinci Interactive Honored with Horizon Interactive Awards

d’Vinici Interactive has earned three Horizon Interactive Awards for educational websites and eLearning activities it created to teach students about civics, government and the exercise benefits of exploring the outdoors. Civic Quotes teaches students about US History through 64 notable quotations from government leaders throughout history.

Civic Quotes iPad App

Civic Quotes is one of more than two dozen activities from the Teaching with Primary Sources program that has been educating students about Congress, representative democracy and citizen participation since 2006.

d'Vinci worked with former Congressman Lee Hamilton and the Center on Congress at Indiana University to develop the website, online management application and web and tablet accessible eLearning activities. Teachers use this "digital classroom" to assign work and grade students.

The American Democracy Game

The American Democracy Game, developed by d'Vinci for the National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL), was also recognized. The game teaches students in grades 6-8 the workings of representative democracy. Through role-playing in the game, students learn how Congress and state legislatures affect people's lives every day. Students take on the persona of an elected representative and work through three issues. They get their own office and staff and must listen to their constituents, learn the particulars of each issue, and interact and compromise with their fellow legislators. Each level covers a different issue and concentrates on different elements of the democratic process.

Presented in a highly illustrative and interactive environment, the game takes note of user choices and responses, producing up to eight possible outcomes per level. Users are assessed on their performance which they can share with their teachers and friends. The learning game meets specific educational standards and the site includes a teacher's page for implementation help.

iHike Virtual Trail

d'Vinci also received a Horizon Interactive Award for its work on the iHike Virtual Trails website for the National Park Foundation.

The website encourages children of all ages to get out and walk. Steps taken in real life are logged on the iHike website and can be redeemed to hike any number of "virtual" National Park trails. The distance of each National Park trail was carefully calculated so users redeem their logged steps accurately. Each trail has important milestones that are encountered along the way. The system saves progress and allows users to resume their hike exactly where they left the trail. Secondary imagery from the real trail is displayed as users virtually "hike" along the trail.

In addition to hiking trails, users can set goals for the distance they'd like to achieve each day, and see how they are measuring up to that goal over time. Children can also share their progress on iHike with family, friends and teachers.

The Horizon Interactive Awards has been recognizing excellence in interactive media production worldwide since 2001.

About the Horizon Interactive Awards

In its 11th year, the Horizon Interactive Awards was created to recognize excellence in interactive media production worldwide. Since 2001, the competition has received tens of thousands of entries from countries around the world and nearly all 50 US States. Each year, those entries are narrowed down to the “best of the best” to be recognized and promoted on and international stage for their excellence. The judging process involves a Horizon Interactive Awards advisory panel, end user panel and a worldwide panel of judges consisting of industry professionals. Winning entries are dubbed the "best of the best" in the interactive media industry. For more information, visit www.horizoninteractiveawards.com.