ecoLearn® Content Development

d'Vinci’s ecoLearn content development framework enables instructional designers to efficiently create, publish and integrate learning content across devices using web based technologies. The framework provides core functionality and base content templates that are SCORM conformant and xAPI capable. Learning experiences created with the ecoLearn framework integrate with d'Vinci's ecoLearn learning management system (LMS) as well as other commercial LMSs.

Compatible content and learning experiences

Since the ecoLearn framework relies on web standards (HTML5, JavaScript, CSS), content is highly compatible across modern browsers and mobile devices. The framework accommodates an unlimited number of media types and interactions for creating highly engaging learning experiences. Content developed in the framework is easily updated and adaptable to meet the needs of different audiences. Content can also be efficiently converted to function as a native iOS or Android mobile app.

By working with native web technologies, d'Vinci can ensure accessibility for learners with disabilities and 508 compliance.